Best Selling Lash Serum

MD LASH FACTOR – Best Selling Lash Serum

335 ViewsMD Lash Factor is a product you’ve probably heard of if you want longer, fuller eyelashes without having to deal with falsies or extensions.  This tool says that it can do these things without using either of them. This eyelash growth product, which claims to help people get longer, fuller, and darker lashes in…

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choosing your face serum

The complete guide to choosing your face serum

268 ViewsThe face serum is one of the most interesting beauty products for having beautiful skin . For several years, its use alongside other face care has been democratized and almost all brands offer it. However, there is something to be lost in the face of the multitude of face serums available on the market….

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moisturize your skin

Why moisturize your skin?

276 ViewsThe skin of the face is the organ that is most often in contact with external aggressions. It bears the brunt of wind, cold, UV rays, pollution, etc. In addition, she is very sensitive to stress and lack of sleep. Your beauty routine should therefore not neglect the essential needs of your skin. For…

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