The complete guide to choosing your face serum

choosing your face serum

The face serum is one of the most interesting beauty products for having beautiful skin . For several years, its use alongside other face care has been democratized and almost all brands offer it. However, there is something to be lost in the face of the multitude of face serums available on the market. We do not always know what its usefulness is, its action on the skin and what differentiates it from a cream. Another question comes up very often: which face serum to choose ? To help you find out more, Pharma GDD offers you its complete guide and presents the criteria to take into account to adopt the ideal serum according to the needs of your skin.

What is a face serum used for?

The serum is an intensive facial treatment that brings a treating action to the skin and completes the moisturizing cream. If the cream mainly provides comfort, hydrates the superficial layer of the skin and installs a barrier against aggression, the face serum will not provide any protection on the surface. Its objective is to treat very specific skin problems such as dehydration, brown spots, imperfections linked to acne, wrinkles and other signs of skin aging, redness, dull complexion, lack of firmness… The formulas face serums generally contain less water than creams, are loaded with active ingredients and penetrate deeper into the skin.

There are very targeted serums that will treat, for example, the area around the eyes (dark circles, puffiness, expression lines), the lips or the often forgotten neck. Some laboratories have also developed versatile face serums which act more on the overall quality of the skin and do not target any particular problem. These serums will act on hydration, the regeneration of skin cells and the repair of damage caused by external elements such as pollution, the sun’s rays, blue light and climatic conditions. They provide a preventive action and can be used before switching to an anti-aging serum for example.

In short, include a face serum in your beauty routineand using it with your cream will give you more results than the cream alone. These two treatments are complementary, act in synergy and will help you have beautiful skin for longer.

How to choose your face serum?

The choice of a face serum depends first and foremost on the irregularities that you want to treat to find clear and even skin. In the case of normal skin, you have to take into account the skin problems that you want to prevent (dark spots, wrinkles, sagging, lack of radiance, etc.). The pleasure of useis also an essential criterion when integrating a face serum into your beauty routine. Do not hesitate to ask for samples or to test the products in pharmacies when possible. This will make it easier for you to find the texture and smell that you like and that will encourage you to be diligent in applying the serum. Be aware that oily serums are particularly suitable for dry and mature skin. Conversely, the lighter aqueous serums will be perfect for dehydrated, normal, combination and oily skin. Another criterion may be important when choosing a face serum: the composition.. Whether it comes from conventional cosmetics, based on natural or certified organic ingredients, make sure that the composition of your serum favors quality active ingredients, with recognized virtues on the problems to be treated.


Dehydration is a phenomenon that can affect all skin types, even oily skin . Most often transitory, it causes fine lines, discomfort, and gives the impression of a blurred complexion. A moisturizing face serum helps to meet the needs of the skin in depth and to reduce the visible signs of dehydration. We recommend more specifically serums that contain hyaluronic acid , which you often find in your composition under the name  Sodium Hyaluronate. This active ingredient is widely used in aesthetic medicine for its plumping action, but it is above all a powerful moisturizer, capable of retaining up to 1,000 times its weight in water, thus limiting dehydration. Using a face serum based on hyaluronic acid is particularly interesting if you also want to slow down the appearance of wrinkles and sagging skin. The skin will be redensified and fine lines smoothed.

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