Preparation for the extraction of wisdom teeth

wisdom teeth

The extraction of wisdom teeth is a procedure that is often feared by patients. However, with proper preparation and following the dentist’s postoperative advice, one can help facilitate recovery and healing following this surgery. In this sense, the API Dental Group team offers you some advice that will be beneficial to you if you have to have your wisdom teeth extracted.

Why are you recommended to extract your wisdom teeth?

Wisdom teeth are often problematic. Indeed, this third group of molars grows at the very back of the mouth. In addition, as these teeth erupt later than the others, they often lack the space to grow and position themselves properly. These combined factors make wisdom teeth much more difficult to clean well on a daily basis, and they are at risk of developing several oral pathologies.

How do you properly prepare for the extraction?

Thanks to the general dentists of the API Dental Group, who are qualified to perform surgeries such as dental extractions, and thanks to the advanced technologies that we use in the clinic, there is no need to fear this intervention.

Nevertheless, here are some tips to follow in order to promote the smooth running of the surgery, minimize postoperative symptoms and promote your recovery:

Listen carefully to your dentist’s instructions

If your dentist has prescribed medication, such as antibiotics or anti-inflammatories, in the days preceding the procedure, be sure to take them according to the dosage indicated. In addition, follow the instructions carefully before coming to the clinic, for example if you must be fasting or if you are asked to be accompanied.

Prepare for your return home

In the first 2-3 days following the operation, it is important to take rest and favor a soft diet. So, plan your return home by stocking up on the following foods: broths and soups, compote, yogurt, fruit juice, meal supplements (such as Ensure), etc. You will be recommended to eat foods at room temperature at the beginning of the recovery phase, since hot or very cold foods should be avoided. In addition, it may be preferable to plan holidays the day after and the day after the intervention, depending on the nature of your work. It is indeed necessary to avoid any physical effort in the first days.

We are aware that the extraction of wisdom teeth can be scary. However, in the majority of cases, local anesthesia is sufficient so that you do not feel anything during the surgery. In addition, in the event of significant stress, you may be given a mild sedative or you may be prescribed one, to be taken on the same day.

Our dentists and their team at Groupe dentaire API will always take the time to adapt their intervention to your needs and apprehensions. In addition, we will offer you all the advice you need to prepare for surgery and to recover well after it. For a wisdom tooth extraction in Laval or Repentigny, trust the API team!

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