Covid pcr test where to be tested before traveling and before your return to france?

Covid pcr test

Do you need a prescription from your doctor for a Covid-19 PCR screening test? 

It is no longer necessary to present a medical prescription: on simple presentation of your vital card, the test can be done and will be covered 100%
These Covid-19 tests required on boarding by the airlines may also be requested on your arrival, under penalty of quarantine applied in certain countries.

 What is a PCR test for Coronavirus Covid-19? 

The real name of this test is: nasopharyngeal reverse transcription-polymerase chain reaction (RT-PCR ) virological test ( taken by the nose with a swab ). It determines, at the time it is taken, whether you are negative or a carrier of the coronavirus.

Concretely, you will be inserted a 15 centimeter swab into your nostrils in order to absorb a nasal sample which will be sent to an analysis laboratory which will send you the result in a few hours (between 24 and 48 hours ) .

It is quite possible to be contaminated by the virus afterwards and it is for this reason that the airlines and/or the destinations receiving you require that this test be carried out very close to boarding. On site, you will probably have your temperature taken.

The Covid PCR test will allow you to board for many countries if of course you have the visa as well: Russia , Saudi Arabia , Thailand , Togo , Cameroon , Mali , China , India, Myanmar , Sri-Lanka , Vietnam , Laos , Cambodia etc…

 Is a COVID PCR test mandatory when you return from your trip?

Recently, all nationalities entering Europe are subject to a negative PCR test for a maximum of 3 days before entering Europe. This is also valid for European nationals who return home
If you are French for example, you are going abroad, including in Europe, you will have to pass a PCR test of less than 72 hours and present it at boarding so you can catch your plane.
Your travel agency, your hotel or your “business” partner on site can help you book an appointment at the nearest laboratory to take a test. It is best to make your appointment before going abroad.
A sworn statement attesting to the absence of symptoms of the Coronavirus and the absence of being a contact case will also be requested.

What price for a PCR test abroad?

A Covid PCR test for travel is not enough: whether in a pandemic or outside the pandemic, it is essential to always be protected by medical insurance coverage abroad, including repatriation. During the Covid period, many insurance companies have added COVID 19 to their guarantees: check with your insurer.

Countries, such as Thailand for example, require an insurance certificate clearly indicating the COVID guarantees to issue the visa and to let you fly. Action-Visas has negotiated for its customers a very competitive insurance accepted by all countries. You will receive your certificate in French and English.

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