Tennessee Men’s Clinic Speaks on the Difference between Total and Free Testosterone and Their Importance

Tennessee Men’s Clinic

Being a male sex hormone, testosterone plays a crucial role to develop mannish characteristics such as body and facial hair, muscle mass, fat distribution, bone density, production of RBC, and libido. There are two categories of testosterone circulating in the bloodstream termed Total Testosterone as well as Free Testosterone.

Total Testosterone basically indicates the overall volume of testosterone present in the blood comprising both that is attached to proteins available in the blood and testosterone that are not attached to protein cells or is ‘free’. Free Testosterone remains available for the body to be used for other purposes. In fact, both total and free testosterone are vital for the body, but they differ from each other in terms of their purposes, says Tennessee Men’s Clinic.

What Is Defined by Total Testosterone?

Total Testosterone refers to the whole testosterone combining both bound and unbound categories available in the bloodstream. The largest part of testosterone is bound to kinds of proteins namely 1) sex hormone-binding globulin (SHBG) and 2) albumin. SHBG remains attached to the maximum part of testosterone while albumin is bound to a smaller amount.

The factors that influence total testosterone levels include age, health status, and medical conditions such as diabetes among others. The total testosterone level start increasing at puberty, take its peak point by the age of 20 and start dropping by 1½%/ year from age 30.

What Is Defined by Free Testosterone?

As stated above, ‘Free’ Testosterone indicated a smaller group of testosterone that remains standalone from proteins in the blood. This type of testosterone is the most vital predictor or indicator of the symptoms caused by testosterone deficiency such as loss of muscle mass, depression, fatigue, erectile dysfunction, etc. Equally, free testosterone levels tend to be affected by different factors, such as age, medical condition, obesity, or even testicle infection or injury.

How does Total Testosterone Differentiates from Free Testosterone? Which is more important?

When it comes to evaluating the importance of Total vs. Free Testosterone they are dependent on particular situations. For instance, at the time of ensuring if a person has hypogonadism, typically, the total testosterone levels are measured.  Hypogonadism takes place when the sex glands of a male produce no or minimal sex hormone than its required level.

Low T level can be treated after a necessary evaluation when the importance of measuring Free testosterone comes into the picture. It indicates the severity of the condition and also a path to follow for having testosterone replacement therapy. Free Testosterone levels are more symbolic of the exact amount of testosterone available in the body for its use.

Is There Any Solution To Undergoing Testosterone Level Tests At Home?

As of today, at-home kits are available to check the testosterone level without a prescription. Such kits come with the necessary tools to collect saliva and blood samples to the lab or facilities like Tennessee Men’s Clinic for testing. However, it makes sense to speak to the experts of the facility first to ensure the genuineness of these kits and if using them will be truly helpful for needed tests

In a nutshell, both total testosterone and free testosterone are vital for overall health and well-being. Measuring both are important for healthcare practitioner in facilities like Tennessee Men’s Clinic for the effective treatment process.

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