The 7 reasons to drink vegetable juices

vegetable juices

Our bodies need a more or less significant daily calorie intake, depending on our gender, age, body type and daily physical expenditure… The impact of food on our health is significant. Taking care of yourself starts with bringing varied and balanced products to our bodies.

In recent years, with the onset of the pandemic, society has demonstrated a real awareness of health. Our food trends are also impacted. According to Kantar experts, 69% of French people say they are more aware of the real cost of their food and have understood that quality has a price .

According to research conducted by nutrition experts, it is recommended to consume at least 5 fruits and vegetables a day. They can be ingested raw, especially in the form of juice or cooked, cooked in different ways. Find out how to easily and smartly consume vegetables in the form of juice. Indeed, adopting vegetable juices is a simple solution to consume more vegetables on a daily basis by taking advantage of their specific nutritional benefits.

Nutrition advice : what are the benefits of vegetable juices? 

First of all, if you want to take advantage of the nutritional benefits of vegetables, we recommend that you pay attention to the quality of the vegetables in your juices. The quality factors are, among others, the origin of production and the type of agriculture.

Freshness of the vegetables and fruits making up the juice : “ultra-fresh” juices are the only ones to retain the majority of vegetable fibres. This claim concerns fresh food products which have a short use-by date (a few days) and must be stored cold (between 0 and 6°C).

Method of manufacture : taking into account the method of extraction of the juices is important because it influences the state of the fibers of the product after extraction. These are absolutely necessary to allow our body to assimilate the vitamins contained in the juices. We recommend the cold press, a two-step juicing process, which respects the precious nutrients of our fruits and vegetables.

Length of the list of components: limit or even ban products with artificial additives. Some manufacturers, for preservation and taste purposes, may incorporate sugar and a certain amount of water as well as preservatives or colorants.

The benefits of alkalizing and acidifying foods

A healthy diet includes alkalizing foods, such as fruits and vegetables. The latter, particularly green vegetables contribute to the acid-base balance of the human body by regulating blood pH.

Cabbage, celery and beetroot are listed in the strongly alkalizing food group.

 Beets, cabbage, spinach, chard are rich in natural antioxidants, playing a role in protecting against certain toxic substances such as free radicals.

Vegetable juice: recovery and disease prevention

No scientific study provides proof that vegetable juices have a preventive action against diseases. However, we can say that raw vegetables and ultra-fresh vegetable juice cures are beneficial for your health, in addition to a varied diet:

By their richness in vitamins, minerals and essential nutrients , they give your body the essential contributions to fight against hypertension and maintain good kidney functions, in a natural way.

Green vegetables, a source of potassium and iron, help contain the level of inflammation in the body and prevent disease by mitigating the premature aging of cells.

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