The benefits of fruit and vegetable juices

fruit and vegetable juices

The consumption of vegetable and fruit juices has many advantages that we invite you to discover in this article.

Consume more fruits and vegetables

It is established: the consumption of fruits and vegetables is good for your health. However, it is quite difficult to consume this type of product very regularly, notably because of the lack of time or inspiration to prepare them.

Yet consuming fruit and vegetable juices is a great way to counter this tendency. With it, you will easily and quickly consume a greater quantity of fruits and vegetables. There is no preparation to make when using an extractor, except to wash your food before inserting it into the device. It is thus possible to consume a much larger quantity of fruits and vegetables than it would be impossible to consume conventionally! Could you, for example, eat beets every day? We assume not…

And yet, with a juice extractor, consuming a beet is easy as pie! You can also vary the recipes to avoid the fatigue effect and thus enjoy the many benefits of these foods that are good for your whole body. These few books (new or used*) via  Amazon* ,  Momox * will inspire you.

Discover other vegetables & fruits

What is also interesting with juices is the possibility of discovering new fruits and vegetables and even of consuming those that we do not usually like! Indeed, thanks to the multitude of recipes available in books, it is possible to regularly consume vegetables such as cucumber, spinach or even fennel without any difficulty! Admit that consuming cucumber every day in a more classic form would be much more difficult! Also, you can greatly vary your diet with drinks and enjoy the many nutritional benefits of these foods.

Assimilate benefits faster

Juice consumption is also a very effective way for your body to assimilate fruits and vegetables as quickly as possible. In drink form, the digestion process is reduced to a bare minimum, causing the nutrients to get into the bloodstream very quickly. That’s why if you’re looking for a drink that can give you a boost , there are specific recipes that will quickly bring you what you need to regain energy.

Other benefits of fruit juice? An optimal nutritional level

Unlike conventional cooking and even steam cooking or even the use of a food dehydrator , the juices allow, via a cold pressure mechanism present in the juice extractor, to obtain preparations with an optimal nutritional level. . You thus avoid the loss resulting for example from conventional cooking, which is not a detail when you know that today’s vegetables and fruits are quite poor compared to a few decades ago…

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